The generators are popular around the world as stand-by power and a power source for construction sites.


Denyo has the No.1 market of engine-driven welders in Japan with low fuel consumption and low noise in addition to high welding performance and safety.


Denyo air compressors are designed space savings and high efficiency. Denyo has developed unique control technology.


We, Denyo Group have traditional management philosophy called “Benefits for Three Parties”.
This philosophy expresses our aim to prosper together with “the user”, “the seller” and “the manufacturer” through our products.

Denyo Trading Vietnam Co., Ltd. was established in February 2020 as 5th branch of Denyo Group in Asia.
We are positively developing our business as an important sales / service base in Vietnam.

We will satisfy Vietnamese customers with our products and services.

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New Product: DC Generator

DC generator is in demand as a backup power source for BTS in an Off-grid area. Why DC generator?To build a simple and efficient power supply system, unifying the power source all DC is effective for the purpose. Advantages of Denyo DC generator1) Less-fuel consumption, Less- Co2The installed controller adjusts the engine speed according to…

New Ultra Silent model: DCA-45USKE

Registering 50 dB(A)* in sound emission under standard testing, the Denyo DCA-45USKE generator is built for heavy-duty applications that require excellent noise suppression and power output.

New Ultra Silent model: DCA-25USIE

Designed with a reinforced canopy that is capable of stacking and effectively mitigates noise pollution. The Denyo DCA-25USIE generator achieved an ultra-silent result of 51 dB(A)* in sound emission under standard testing.

43dB Soundless Generator “Mālie” DCA-25MZ

Soundless Generator “Mālie” DCA-25MZ is the industry’s quietest generator. Forget the silence you once knew – because Mālie practically took it to the next level.