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Why Denyo Generators Are the Top Choice for Reefer Containers?

1. Denyo offers a wide range of products and capacities to meet the demand for stable and high quality power. In the generator market, KUBOTA is one of the leading trusted engine brands with many generator brands, including Denyo. Denyo generators currently use two main genuine made in Japan engine model: KUBOTA V2203 and ISUZU…

Showroom has opened – Tan Ky Engineering and Equipment

The Denyo Authorized Dealer in Vietnam: Tan Ky Engineering and Equipment Co., Ltd., has officially opened its showroom doors! Customers are welcome to visit and choose genuine Denyo products. Dealer – Tan Ky SHOWROOM to immerse yourself in the leading real-world technology space and experience premium products. Located conveniently on the main road of Yen…

Stadium advertising boards in TOKYO DOME

Denyo has put advertising boards on stadium walls.TOKYO DOME is one of the most famous stadiums in Japan. It is used not only for baseball games but for other sports, concerts and large-scale events.Denyo actively contributes to the development of the sports and culture.

New Product Introduction

The new model: DSA-32HK5 is a diesel generator outputs 30kVA(PRP) at 50Hz.It comes with an AMF (Automatic Mains Failure) controller as standard to start the generator automatically in case of a power failure. The combination of Denyo’s original alternator and AVR supplies high quality electricity equivalent to a commercial power supply.We highly recommend this model…

New Catalogue

DCA Series (3-Phase Diesel Generators) catalogue has been updated.Please download it from the link below. DCA-Series-EN-2023.pdf (

New Product: DC Generator

DC generator is in demand as a backup power source for BTS in an Off-grid area. Why DC generator?To build a simple and efficient power supply system, unifying the power source all DC is effective for the purpose. Advantages of Denyo DC generator1) Less-fuel consumption, Less- Co2The installed controller adjusts the engine speed according to…

New Ultra Silent model: DCA-45USKE

Registering 50 dB(A)* in sound emission under standard testing, the Denyo DCA-45USKE generator is built for heavy-duty applications that require excellent noise suppression and power output.

New Ultra Silent model: DCA-25USIE

Designed with a reinforced canopy that is capable of stacking and effectively mitigates noise pollution. The Denyo DCA-25USIE generator achieved an ultra-silent result of 51 dB(A)* in sound emission under standard testing.