Our Advantages

Denyo has a Production and Sales in Vietnam

We have a production and sales base in Vietnam. That’s exactly why we can provide a lot of benefits to the customers in Vietnam.

We, Denyo Trading Vietnam Co., Ltd., deliver high quality products to the customers quickly cooperating with Denyo Vietnam Co., Ltd.(DVC), our group manufacturing plant in Thang Long Industrial Park 2 (TLIP2).

Besides, we provide total solutions from installation studies to after-sales service, cooperating with experienced local dealers.

Advantage #1:Shipments within 2 weeks

DVC can manage production schedule easily because it adopts assemble to order production system. that’s why we can ship your order within 2 weeks.

Advantage #2:The quality desired in 150 countries

DVC’s products are designed and manufactured based on Denyo’s quality standards.
DVC is “learning the latest manufacturing technologies and improving its manufacturing methods.”

Especially for the coating, which affects the appearance and durability of the product, DVC achieves the highest level of quality with cationic electrodeposition coating and powder coating processes, which are also adopted by major automobile manufacturers.

In the assembly line and performance test, DVC strictly check the products.
We always believe that “high quality” is the essence of our company, and we provide products and services without any compromise.

Advantages #3:One stop service

We would be happy to get an inquiry in Vietnamese, Japanese or English.
We welcome your visiting our factory for your consideration.

After you purchase a product, our experienced local dealers provide support from installation to after-sales service. If a problem happens, DVC also supports you to fix such a problem.

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